Sam – Owner and Founder

Sam launched Recharge in 2013. With a background in environmental policy and renewable energy, he wanted a new career that combinedĀ his previous experience, with his lifelong love of riding bikes. Starting as the company’s only rider, Sam was to discover that the winter of 13/14 would be the wettest and stormiest in history!

Stefan – Owner and Founder

Longtime owner of Amsterdammers bike shop – Stefan is a man of many talents (he speaks five languages!). When he’s not running the despatch operation, he’s fixing the cargo bikes and keeping the whole operation well-oiled and sweet as a nut.


One of the first riders to join the team – Jakub is a delivery veteran with previous experience as a scooter courier.


Lucky (Sam) joined the team in 2016 – Also a professional photographer by trade, Sam loves mountains, drumming and exploring.


Riding for as long as he can remember, Ace is a cyclist through and through.
Whether delivering in the city, hitting the local trails, or fixing bikes in the workshop, Ace says he feels more comfortable on two wheels than on his own feet.