We’ve been up and running for almost four months now and our DHL work is keeping us busy Monday-Friday. The atrocious weather has turned the past two months into a gruelling battle for survival – mechanical and electrical failures, punctures from all the glass and potholes on the roads, dangerous winds and almost daily drenchings haven’t left me with much energy to develop the business and I’m only now coming up for air and taking stock of things.

Recently, we brought on Roberto to ride two days a week which has freed me up to work on other things, this, and the weather finally looking a bit better means it’s time to think about next steps. We are going to be expanding our service to offer Brighton and Hove businesses a friendly and professional alternative courier service and will be focusing our efforts on some marketing in the coming weeks.

More work means more bikes – and buying another cargo bike is top of the to-do list (and one of the fun bits). I’ve been drawing up a shortlist of potential bikes – electric-assist is a must-have, as is a steel frame and strong brakes. We are either going to get another large two-wheeler cargo bike like our existing e-Bakfiets, or possibly a smaller electric cargo bike like the Bicicapace or Omnium Mini to handle smaller-sized jobs.

However, after much thought I keep coming back to the trusty Bakfiets – its sturdy steel frame, stable geometry and big capacity make it reliable, flexible and forgiving on Brighton’s busy and bumpy roads. Stick with what you know or try something new?


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